The new Spacevidcast equipment list
We have met our 2nd Patreon goal! With that I wanted to share with you the list of equipment that we will be purchasing: You'll note that $400/ep doesn't cover this entire list of $10k worth of gear. Instead we will be purchasing these things in groups. The B&H Wish List is created in order of importance. First up is the new Presonus audio mixer. This has a couple of key things on board that will help greatly improve the show. Each channel has compression, limiting, notch filters and EQ. That means that we can compress our voices to get more of a level signal while filtering out low rumbles like any time our hands come in contact with the desk. Next up are new IFB or Internal Feeback (or Internal Fold Back). It is important to add these first because the current IFB system is limiting head movement while on-air and tethers us to the desk. By freeing us up and moving to a wireless system, we'll be able to do more visually in the show when guests come on. After we fix the internal communication, the microphone(s) are up next. Right now we use a single KSM-44 to capture all audio. That will move in to 2 wireless lapel mics designed to be small with high frequency response. Once again we remain wireless so that we don't get tethered to the desk. You'll note that there is a qty of 4 here, but we will only buy 2 at first, then once the rest of the gear is purchased, swing back around and grab the other 2. After we have our new microphones it is time to add more cameras to the show. 3 additional Canon HF-G20 cameras are slated for purchase along with 4 tripods (one is to replace a bad tripod we already have). These are great little cameras that yield amazing image quality for not a lot of money. This list is subject to change as the equipment gets updated by vendors. For example, the National Association of Broadcasters conference is coming up in mid April. It is very possible awesome new cameras will come out that allow us to do something cooler for the same $$. But the B&H wishlist gives you an idea of where your Patreon pledge is being spent and how. Expect to see the first part of this (the audio board) within a few weeks!