New Speakers! Thank you.
Hey guys!

As promised, I wanted to show you the new speakers I ordered for reaching the $600 goal. I was originally going to buy a monitor, but I ended up getting it as a surprise gift for Christmas. :)

 As you'll hear in the video, the built-in speakers within the monitor are terrible. They are kind of tinny sounding? Just a very thin sound. I also have to turn the volume up all the way just to hear! And when you're someone that needs to precisely hear audio during editing sessions, sound quality is very important.

The video will explain and demonstrate everything, but thank you so much for your support! I know I say it all the time, but I really do appreciate you all more than you know. 

This community allows me to continue pursuing my passion everyday and positively impacting so many lives across the world. <3

Love & positive vibes,