New sponsors page and tiers update
Hey folks, a small organizational update! I have researched how other crowdfunded open source projects reward their backers and have designed a sponsors page (link above).

If you pledged $10 or more, you're on there. If you pledged $20 or more, or if you've pledged more than $100 in total over the course of the project, your name is at the top and highlighted.

The $40 tier has been reworked. Most of the people who pledged to it didn't need me to perform any devops on their servers, so now instead it gives you a "silver sponsor" place on the sponsors page, along with a small image (avatar or square logo) and link of your choice.

I have added a $100 tier for potential corporate sponsors. It will get you a linked, uncropped, medium-sized logo right below the intro text on the sponsors page. There's a tier above that that will put your logo right on the main page, just in case there's demand.

Other projects like Vue or Webpack have way higher tiers, but they are also usually toolchains used by commercial projects, whereas Mastodon is non-profit, so I've adjusted the prices downwards.

While we're on the topic of, I have reworked the main page as well. With the services of a professional copywriter, it sounds better than ever, and should be more relateable to everyday users and have a clearer structure. Show it to your friends and ask them what they think of it!

It's also available in multiple languages.

Thanks everyone! <3

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