New Stackable Perks!
It is time to be rewarded for being a long-term Patron!

Starting today, for showing your support long-term, you will be able to receive free upgrades on your perks for the month.

For example is you are a $1 patron, after the fifth month you will be eligible to receive the $5 perks for that month. After five more months you will be eligible for the $10 perk, and so on. 

Thanks again to everyone that chooses to support me!

Tier Benefits
Basic Supporter
$1 or more per month 1 patron

For just 1$, or about 80 robux you already  are making a difference!
Basic Perks:
  • Access to my EXCLUSIVE Patreon feed! You will get news and updates on what I am working on ahead of what's going on in my own life!  
  • Be Added On My ROBLOX Friends list!
  • BE IN A VIDEO!  We will get a group together and play something, usually Roblox together, once a month! I will also invite you to all of my recording sessions on Roblox! Maybe once in awhile we will try something like Minecraft!  It will be fun!

For being a long-term patron you also will gain bonus perks rewarded at ALL tier levels. The longer you pledge, the more bonus perks you will receive! 

 -Pledge $1 for 5 months and receive the $5 tier for free, or pledge 5$ and get the $10 tier after two months and then the $20 tier after four months (and so on for each level tier)! 

Just send a message once you have reached a tier you would like to receive! 

Bronze Supporter
$5 or more per month 1 patron

For the cost of a cup of coffee, you are really supporting my work!

Bronze Perks:
  •   Shoutout at the end of one video a month! I will be listing off everyone who supports me at this tier! It could be your Youtube name, real name, or company name! 
  • GUARANTEED Followback on Twitter.
  • Access to all exclusive videos (new and old)! Update vlogs? Exclusive videos? What about really cringeworthy old videos that aren't on Youtube? Yep, every month you will get at least one or two exclusive videos!
  • All Basic Supporter Perks!
Silver Supporter
$10 or more per month 1 patron

For the cost of a medium pizza, your are making a major difference!

Silver Perks:
  • Your name or Youtube channel in the description of every new upload! Yep! You will get producer credit in every new upload.  Add that to your resumé. ;)
  • All Bronze Perks
  • All Basic Perks
Gold Supporter
$20 or more per month 0 patrons

For the cost of a movie ticket, you are a TREMENDOUS help to this channel!

Gold Perks:
  • Access to the exclusive GOLD club. 
  • GROUP CALL Once or twice a month we will hop in a group call (probably on discord or skype) and hang out.  We can chat video games, youtube, life and much more! This can include YOUTUBE ADVICE!
  • All Silver Perks
  • All Bronze Perks
  • All Basic Perks
Platinum Supporter
$100 or more per month 0 of 10 patrons
For the cost of a good pair of headphones, you are a TREMENDOUS help to this channel!  Gold Perks: 
  • Access to the exclusive PLATINUM club. 
  • I will sit in a 90 minute recording session, and record whatever games you want to play (if I have them). We can do as many videos as you want!
  • All OTHER Perk tiers
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