New Star Ocean 5 Videos for the day!
Why hello again everyone,

Just wanted to jump over here and give you all a heads up that there's two fresh videos up over on YouTube! The first is yet another Cathedral of Oblivion video, this time covering Sohma's first one: .

The second video for the day is yet another little Star Ocean 5 "guide". This time I tackle a fairly darn good leveling location, likely one of the best (if not the best) ones in the game!

There will be a stream for your viewing pleasures tonight. I actually recorded that leveling guide while doing my off-screen grinding for the stream tonight. Trying to make some good progress so that I don't have to grind "much" tonight, with the hopes of downing a couple major boss folks during the stream. Look for it to start around the normal time of 8-8:30pm Mountain!