A new start, a new adventure, an introduction!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my very first Patreon post!

For my first post I'll go over a few things:

- Why I decided to make a Patreon Page

- Wat I actually do 

- How you can help

- A new project!!

Why I decided to make a Patreon Page

So, since you've found yourself reading this post you probably read my introduction post or already know who I am. If not, I would advise you to first check out  "Why Lilith Vanderstorme is on Patreon" on my mainpage.

Did you? Good! Then I will get to the point now.

I've been ill for a full week now, but it had been coming up for quite some time now. I was getting more and more tired of things as they were going, and getting more and more sleeping problems. This used to be the normal way of going for me, but since I enrolled in a Photography study it hasen't happened as much and I thought I was happy, but gradually I grew more incontent, even though I've been doing above average at school. So Now that I didn't have any sleep at all last sunday I decided to stay home and have a good think on the matter. 

I spoke about it to my friends, I hadn't been as creative as I used to, and I really don't like how it seems like all the people in my network appear to make so much bigger steps than me, and get so much more done all the time, I felt like I was no longer in the race and everything just passed me by. My friends didn't agree with that at all and wouldn't even let me think any of it was true. After all, they told me, I had been their inspiration to get into this artlife. 

So I thought; WHO am I even kidding? Why don't I allow myself to grow in any way other than Photography at the moment?  So That's it. I'm starting a new project in which I take the main part, in which I get to be the shining magical character once again. And the best part? I'm sharing everything with you! Because I found out, that is exactly what I'm missing so much, interaction with you, the one interested in what I'm doing. Ofcourse i'm doing it for my self, but it's so much better when there's people next to yourself loving what you do! 

Ofcourse this is where you wonder why I'd need to make a patreon page for that. Well that's the thing. Patreon would be a great place for me to keep track of all the things I do in the creative sector, and probably the best way to share with you all the things I'm doing. It's better than facebook, since I use facebook for more than just work, and often think the things I did aren't worth placing on my page because i dont feel it's professional enough. Through patreon you get let in on all my little secrets, but can choose to just check out the things you think are interesting.

And then there's one other reason to make a patreon page: I will need to keep making progress! I really can't leave you guys in the dark now, can I?! You becoming a patron, even if you decided only to pledge 1 euro per month, means a vote of confidence. It means to me that you have faith in what I do, that you love seeing it. By becoming my patron you encourage me to continue sharing my art or even doing any of it at all. You're showing me support. You're the reason I still feel like it's worth the trouble! 

Oh, and one more thing, this page will allow us to interact more, and get closer! 

What I actually do

So now you know why I made a patreon page, what kinds of Artwork are we talking about again?

I'm actually a pretty creative person in general, and after years of chaos in my head, I personally managed to devide my main creativities into 3 Cathegories:

- Digital Art 

- Modeling and costume making

- Photography

These things do overlap more than occasionally.

 - Digital art

The first thing I stuck with is digital art. I have been teaching drawing for a couple of years, and thought myself how to draw digitally. I confess I'm not even near a master, but I enjoy what I make. I used to do a lot of livestreams and I've done more than a couple commissions. I'll share with you a few artworks I personally enjoy:

If you like to see more, of my digital art that I made earlier, see my digital art section on Deviantart

- Modeling and costume making

I was always a fan of fantasy and all that kind of stuff. I had assembled a n outfit or two before when in 2012 I found steampunk to be my true calling. I tried putting together some nice costumes and in 2013 I was asked for a photoshoot which ofcourse, I happily said yes to. From one thing came another, and before I knew it I had planned photoshoots for every week and outfits and designs for every photoshoot. 

On august 1, 2013 I also bought my sewingmachine. I had barely even touched one before, but I had sketched myself a design I was fierce on working out to something actually wearable.  A week later I attended a course for making corsets, and thet's where it all got out of control. Now, 2,5 year later, I made dozens of outfits and quite an amount of corsets, for myself, and others. I briefly attempted to get a business going for my corsets, but it wasn't the time for it back then. 

Here's some pictures of me in my oufits: 

More of this on my facebook page Lilith Vanderstorme

- Photography

After some time of being in front of the camera, I started to get curious what it'd be like to be behind the camera instead. I had gotten back some pictures from shoots that weren't necessarily wrong or bad, but I really wondered why the photographer hadn't done a certain thing I felt the picture missed. Why were photographers often pointing at my face, only to move their camera and take a picture pointing elsewhere? Why did it sometimes take so long before the " settings were correct" ? 

I Decided it was high time to find out myself, and asked a photographer friend to borrow a camera. He even took me along with a shoot, to teach me some basics. I really liked it, and dicided I wanted my own camera, so I started a kickstarter, which I managed to complete within a month, and got my own camera not mucht later. Eventually I decided that I might even want to make this my profession, and so it happened that I enrolled in Photography school.

For more of my Photography, please Check out my facebook page Darkashter

For this patreon page I decided not to seperate these 3 ways of art, simply because I'm practicing them all about equally much and think one might be interesting for the other.

How you can help

There's different ways you can help, and all of them are appreciated. Here's a few things you can do to show your support:

- Become a Patron

 You can help me ofcourse by becoming a Patron and sending me bits of money to support what I do so that I can buy new lenses, outfit materials or livestream membership to livestream my digital art.

- Sponsor me with your product

If you're a store owner, or an artist, or a crafter of some sorts, don't hesitate to send me a message to discuss a sponsoring. Examles of things you could sponsor me with are: Clothes, jewellery, headpieces, corsets, lenses, lichts, studios, drawingtablets, tablets for carrying portfolio around, prints, being a merchant willing to sell prints or stuff i make, anything like that, you name it. I'll be happy to write all about it in my blog posts. 

Earlier I asked for some opinions on what microphone I should get for vlogging, and an artist actually proposed for me to use her music for the backgound of my video's as long as I'd credit her. I hadn't even thought about it, but I'm very happy with her offering this! 

- Your trash is another's treasure

Ofcourse money is not the only thing I need to keep doing the things I do, I also ver much need materials. So by any means, If you ever feel you have any stuff spare, for example like pieces of clothing you'd like me to have, or would throw away otherwise, or a refelction screen for photography, It would be a very welcome donation! 

For more information on where to ship to, please send me a message! 


- Like my pages and art on facebook

You see a lot of people saying "sharing is caring", but why is that really? Well, besides the obvious things, which is that you show you like the piece of art that is being posted, it also gives the artist the chance to be discovered by new people; your friends and followers. Now, I dont neccessarily want to ask you to share, but If you like my work, please don't forget to like my posts. every interaction on facebook gives cause for more interaction. I can't explain exactly how it works, but I know that is actually how it works. Even if you don't believe me, the thumps up is yet again a vote of comfidence, a sign of trust, a show of appreciation.

A new project!!

YES and now what we've all been waiting for, a new Vanderstorme Costume Project! I'm not perfectly sure when I came up with this idea, but I guess it's always a process of coming up with an idea. 

Today however, I finally got around sketching the outfit approximately how I want it. Well actually it's a really crude sketch, but it should give you an Idea of the thing! 

So here it is, I will probably call it Steampink2.0, in honour of my first attemt to create a steampunk outfit that is pink themed. My boyfriend reminded me that Steampink outfit no.1, which I wore during Dutch Comic Con's first Edition gradually evolved into Steampink Captain Nyanderstorme, because I had bought white catears at the event. I might add the cat ears again, just for that reason, and for the fun. 

 So today I got the cloth I think I'll need for this outfit, and some haberdashery (fournituren for the dutch people among us) that I will need for the outfit. Tomorrow I might make another sketch of the idea, or continue on this one, to show you more details. I will also explain my choises, explain my course of action and put some possibilities on paper. 

Whew! That's quite the wall of text there, I haden't expected this to go so well right away, but I guess I've had some experience with it already which makes it easier. It's gotten pretty late, so I'll write some more tomorrow.  

My next post will contain:

- A breakdown of costs so far

- Working method/action plan

-  a more extensive sketch, that'll contain more info on what my actual plan is

- probably a little info on where I'll wear it

That's it for today, see you tomorrow! 

~  Lilith Vanderstorme 


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