{NEW!!} The Sticker Club
A few months ago, I ran a poll on Twitter asking what kind of fun tiers people would be interested in. The Sticker Club won by leaps and bounds, I mean...it wasn't even a competition! 

I am SO EXCITED to roll this out today!! The Sticker Club is $3/month. These stickers will all be EXCLUSIVE for my patrons ONLY!! No Etsy, Redbubble, etc.


Sticker club members vote on themes and designs for a new sticker each month. Each member will receive the sticker we designed in the mail!

IMPORTANT - Monthly mailings cannot begin until we have 10 members in the club (not including patrons in other tiers). However, you will still receive your stickers in the mail every 6 months. If you would like them sooner, you may always request them and pay for the shipping. So...tell your friends to sign up! The faster we get 10, the faster you get monthly mail!

*Sticker Club members must be active for 2 pledge cycles to be eligible to receive stickers. Once the 2 pledge cycles have passed, you will receive BOTH stickers for that time period.*

*All tiers higher than the Sticker Club will also have the chance to vote! Only mail tiers will receive the stickers in the mail.*

Questions?? Please don't hesitate to contact me via Patreon direct message or you may email me at [email protected].