Since my book Dreaming Death will debut next week, I've been trying to get a couple of my older stories about Shironne and Mikael up on my website.  

"Touching the Dead" has been available for some time there. (It was published back in 2007 by Jim Baen's Universe.) I've added "Endings", which takes place about 6 months before the novel.  (Please be forgiving of typos, since it hasn't been through a professional editor. Feel free to email or text me with any you see, and I'll correct them when I can!) 

I also hope to get one more story up this weekend. "A Mention of Death" should be available on my webpage by late Monday. 

These stories are available for anyone to read, not just patrons.

(Patrons will be seeing the first section of the novella "After the War" on 2/1, although I'm still figuring out how to get that worked out here.)