New story: Hell Hath No Fury
So, now that series 4 of Sherlock has finished airing, the work of fanfic writers in this universe is to try to make sense of it! I just posted a new three-chapter story, Hell Hath No Fury . The point of view characters are John, and a new one for me, Mrs Holmes - or as she is known in this story, Vee. The title is taken from the common saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Here it refers to both Vee and another woman (spoilers, can't say!) who both act out of their anger for reasons of their own. This story attempts to fix not just the Sherlock/John relationship, but also to address some of the unresolved plot holes of The Final Problem in particular. For instance, the question of Redbeard, Victor Trevor, the introduction of the memory wiping drug TD-12 that was left unaddressed despite the memory-related issues that come up in The Final Problem, the shot of of Mary clearly dressed as one of the nurses administering the TD-12, Mrs Holmes' unanswered question about who shot her son and the promised turning "absolutely monstrous" should she ever find out, the question of how feasible it would actually be to keep an infant in 221B Baker Street, and of course, Sherlock and John's evolving relationship. 

Hell Hath No Fury 

Length: 53,170 words (3 chapters)

Genre: Angst/romance (see archive tags for other warnings)

Relationship: John/Sherlock

Rating: NC-17/explicit

Summary:  As John attempts to move forward with his life, newly moved back into Baker Street, Vee Holmes begins to search for some long-missing answers about what happened to her children back at Musgrove. With a kidnapper on the loose and some unanswered questions about the nature of the memory drug TD-12 and its effects, things are far from settled...