New Story: Throne Of Nothing
As promised, a little update for my next story!

I was actually planning on writing something short for now and I had like four ideas of this but then I added a twist on an idea I already had a few weeks ago.

Basically I've been playing a ton of Zelda - Breath Of The Wild; fantastic game! I've been playing around with the idea but never really got far with it, mostly because the story in the game tells itself depending on how you play and what you chose to do or not. Like gathering all the memories or freeing the Divine Beasts and so on.

So we're not doing that.

But what about a story telling about what happened 100 years ago?

Yeah, I am all down for that!

For those who haven't played the game or know nothing about it; don't worry. I will explain everything as we progress in the story.

For those who played the game or know what happens; angst and friendship. Yessss.

I already started the first chapter and I hope I can start posting next month!

Of course Michael is Link, btw.