New Story: Water on Travertine
"It had been about ten o’clock that Benjamin noticed the shower still running, and probably close to eleven before he began to think something might have been amiss about it. There’d been no school that day — teacher resource meetings or something — but he woke up at seven anyway and plugged into his Playstation for a morning blissfully uninterrupted by responsibilities. Of course he had his headphones on — few things united his parents like an objection to the sounds of computerized carnage..."

Folks have observed that some of my stories can be really, really depressing. Some folks have asked for a heads-up when I post such stories so as to avoid wandering into them unprepared. Well, "Water on Travertine," just posted to, is just such a story. There'll be another, more cheerful story* going up in a couple of weeks, so you might want to just wait for that one.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy Water on Travertine!

*To be fair, in the next story (The Dutchess), our protagonist also dies in the first sentence, but at heart, that one is at least an endearing love story.