New Story: Worth more than silver
This story is inspired by a really strange folktale called The Man with the Golden Brain, and also by a poem I studied in my long-ago undergraduate days in Old French.  It's a fairy tale about silver and gold and the importance of being loved for your mind...

Also new on Stories Under Paris this week, I've done a few things to make it easier to navigate.  I'm not sure if anyone had figured out how to click on the numbers on the map to get to the stories, so I've put the open line numbers up front and centre around the map to make that easier.  Also, since this is the eighteenth story on the website, which is way too many to have on the front page, and I was a little worried that nobody would ever be able to find the older stories, I've now created a story index page, where you can find stories listed in alphabetical order (with special subsections for recurring characters - and yes, there are multiple recurring characters, and you have already met three of them, though you may not realise it yet...).