New Storylines have begun!

With the new year finally hitting, we have begun to unleash a bunch of new storylines here in Penrith! As part of the Patrons to this game I would love to give you a brief insight in what to expect from each distinct storyline.

Adventures into the Irt Atoll

  • We first saw a bit of missing workers and commoners in the Visht Caverns.
  • While the first encounter involved a fey creature at the heart there is something much more diabolic behind the ongoings of the  Irt Atoll. Venture deeper into the lore and dungeons on the Irt Atoll featuring deep dungeons where Allies can be won and lost.

The Merciful Wife Tavern

  • Our adventurers first encounter some fey beings kidnapping their local adventurers and mercenaries
  • Codim the alehouse drake who owns the tavern has a number of different missions for those adventures outside of starting in Penrith

The Rescue Attempt

  • With both Merth and Viresse abducted and brought into the fey, the only way to return them is to go there.
  • A rich adventure into the fey, with not only important puzzles but an ecosystem that very few adventurers are aware of.

Corrupted Divine

  • The journey began on Fangtooth Isle, where the party almost lost one of their own permanently.
  • A cleric focused storyline, to help push back something or someone who has gone out of their way to poison the area’s faith. 
  • Successful attempts at dungeons may reward players with resurrection components.

Long Live Penrith

  • The varied branching storyline into the conflicts both open and in the shadows between the kingdoms of Estaria and Athein.
  • One third of the one shots will be very much covert ops, while some will be social, and finally possibly all out war.
  • This storyline will drastically change the fates of many of the Npcs and relations between the North and South


  • The new continent which will have adventurers start making trips to this new continent.
  • More to come as this is worked out more in the future, look for a deeper lore section once we come closer to the actual launch.