New Stuff for September!
Oh, my gosh, where to begin??

We've just been to Sasquan, the World Science Fiction Convention, made a lot of new friends, some fascinating new connections with independent authors and publishers, and came back inspired.

We have not one, but two new online personalities for Krypton Radio's air time lineup. 

The first is our new DJ, Chaotix! His specialty is video game music. What makes a great DJ is personality and deep knowledge of his or her subject, and Chaotix has both. His new game music show starts September 20!

The next is Shane Stacks, who has a geek radio program called "Shane Plays" on 96.5 "The Answer" FM in Little Rock, Arkansas - and now he's on Krypton Radio too! He'll be on every Saturday morning at 11 a.m. PST, one week delayed from his live broadcast until we can figure out how to hook him up live. As soon as we get that figured out, he'll be live on Krypton Radio as he broadcasts live on terrestrial radio in Little Rock.

And at the end of this week, over Labor Day weekend, myself (Gene Turnbow) and my executive producer (Susan Fox) are going to be at Fandomverse Expo in, of all places, Lancaster, California. We're going to be talking about our new science fiction radio serial, "Halfway Home: Adventures in the Asteroid Belt". 

If you're in the neighborhood, won't you come to the convention and see us? We'd love to meet you!

It's going to be a great September, and even more is on the way. Thanks to your support, this is all happening. We can't thank you enough.

- Gene Turnbow, Station Manager