New stuff in SC-Controller
GitHub release description is not best place for a lot of text nor multiple images, so I figured I have another place where that exact structure is expected :)

My biggest problem with both SCC and Big Picture Mode always was occasional need to use keyboard for "advanced" tasks. It may not seem like big deal if you are sitting next to PC, but I have my big screen in another room and I'm really, really lazy... So in recent month or so, I was trying to fix that problem.

But first, to enable following features, please use new options in Settings:

Window Switcher

Switcher is pretty simple, but saves most walking. Contains menu with every window on desktop (including minimized ones) and selecting anything brings that window up.

Kill Current Window

Even simpler than before, this item grabs to which process current window belongs and kills that process. What may be interesting, thanks to way how SC-Controller communicates with pad, this works even with those all-input-locking games that are usually resilient to everything but reboot.


Added release before, but without any better description. Launcher (shown as Run Program... in menu) displays simplified "T9-like" keyboard that you can control with both pads and searches for applications with names matching what you type. Once desired application is visible, just select it with stick and press A.

Bindings Display

We can't really fix games displaying "Press E to use" prompts despite us playing them with controller and never touching actual keyboard. And I probably can't fix my memory, leaking out which button does same as "E" again. But SC-Controller knows it and can tell now. When "Display Current Bindings" is chosen from menu, OSD displays this monstrosity:

 (press B to cancel monstrosity)

Display takes around 80% of screen, what should be enough to draw even most complicated binding scheme.