New stuff May 17th 2017
- i did a split remix EP with Girls Rituals, which you can download here:
we also did a music video together for her remix of my track:
you can find her stuff here:

- i'm working on an album with Neotenomie for our cool new band together!! we are extremely cute and have lots of fun relatable songs about normal girl things like constant dissociation & rampant existential terror. we have a video coming soon and the album comes out later this year. her stuff is here:

- my secret collaboration with Porpentine comes out soon!

- i have a weird glitchy/shiny/sparkly EP coming out soon that comes with a zine of a bunch of lost art/writing/lewdness/photos/game asset fragments.

- i'm also still picking away at my next full-length album. most of it's done with the exception of vocals. here's an early mix of a track from it:

- i'm slowly re-working parts of a game i finished in november of last year but never released. it's a short narrative piece about exploring a desolate forest and reflecting on the difficulties of being close to someone via surreal voiecover narration and sparse interactive segments. it looks like this:
and it'll also include a short soundtrack EP with music and a couple remixes. it's been done for a long time but it's been pretty emotionally draining to work on. thanks for being patient.

- thank you for helping me survive and make all this cool shit! it's very hard for me to scrape together enough to eat, pay rent, and fly to a different country to be with the people i love as regularly as i can. the support i get from this patreon & sales of my games and music are such huge help to my continued survival & happiness as a weird lonely little brainfucked girlcritter. thanks!!

 ♡ rook ♡