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From "The God In The Barrel"

"I'm sorry," Rona said. "I still don't speak the tongue of gods."

The god looked put out at this. Rona wasn't clear as to whether he could understand her or not.

"Ode eer," the god muttered to himself. He looked pensive for a moment. Then he sat up on his haunches and touched his chest with his hands.

"Chess Turr," he said slowly, carefully.

"Your name is Chess Turr?" Rona asked. "Is that what you mean?"

The god looked puzzled. Rona understood that she was as garbled to him as he was to her. She mimicked his stance. Putting her hands on her own chest she said:


The god pointed at her: "Rona-Iki"

Rona smiled. "Chess Turr," she pointed at him. He smiled too.

Well, it wasn't a lot, but it was a start, she thought.

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