New support level: Supporter Lite
My original plan for support tiers followed a simple geometric progression: 1, 3, 10, 30. Each level is about 3 times higher than the last. It's not hard to understand, and it appeals to my personal sense of numerical aesthetics.

Unfortunately, it also leaves a lot of space in between the levels. Some of you might not want to spend $10 a month to get just one of the benefits of that tier. So I'm going to write between the lines a bit.

The Supporter Lite pledge level costs only half as much as Supporter. It's only $5/month, in line with many other Patreon creators' setups. For this amount, you get all the same benefits as the Serious Reader, but your name will also appear in the credits of all my finished works, whether novel, novella, or short story. As long as you stay at or above $5, then you stay in the credits. Simple as that.

On the other hand, the other Supporter benefits don't apply to this tier. You don't get the "community participation" vote, or the early access to draft copies. Instead of a cheaper $10 tier, think of it as an upgrade to Serious Reader: for only $2 more per month, you get your name out there. Surely that's worth it, right?

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