A new surprise creation
A few days ago I visited a Summer Arts school in Tassie that I had been a part of developing over the past 10 years. It was so lovely to return and get invited to share my story. During the day I decided to do some painting, but ended up with an image I totally was not expecting! The reason for the image was: A few days before I had been given some quail eggs. Heaps of them, so many they kept falling out of the bowl that came with them. At the time I was a bit frustrated, as I was in the mind set of GIVING away things, not receiving, so I promptly thought I would take them to a friend who loves animals and plants and produce from locals. When I saw her I decided I would give her one egg to begin, to see her reaction. I was a little blown away at her response. She had just recently been admiring the work of an artist who uses quail eggs as her subject and influence, and my friend then promptly found and read to me this piece of writing that the artist had wrote! It was priceless! Shellter A Tiny Hum (Humanity) Eggs - Berenice Rarig - Artist "I have used quail eggs in my work for several years now. For me they are a metaphor for humans and the human condition. These eggs get their spots in the mothers birth canal so, like us, arrive marked and bruised and very fragile. When I first began working with the eggs I noticed three things: they are all the same yet all different, when you put them all together they begin to smell (!) and they break each other." http://berenicerarig.com/section/315496_Eggs.html I was about to throw away these little eggs! Frustrated and annoyed I had to carry them in the car and found a number of them rolling around for a few days! I ended up giving one egg to each of the participants of the Summer Arts School and encouraged them to know they have amazing life inside of them, and yep, we all crack, and bump up against each other, but through the cracks we grow and come alive and learn. So back to packing I go now! Not long till I can catch up on all the gifts you were promised on your sign up to support me! Not long and I wont have to pack any more and can CREATE! THANK YOU for your support, it means SOOO much to me! We need to rely mostly on my art to support quite a few bills and financial commitments, and your support has meant it is that bit easier to do so! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really do mean it! Hang in with me, and you shall see more and read more creative bits before too long! 10 sleeps to go and we are in our new home!