New! The Synthesaurus Sound Subscription!
From this day on, the Synthesaurus will regularly post a copy of his latest, personal, complete PCG file for patrons. Let me make that clear:

EVERYTHING I have on my Korg Kross, YOU will have, too.

Every new sound I program, every new combi, and every new arp or drum pattern (not included: sequencer songs).

I can't say for sure how regular these posts will be, because that depends on how many spare time I'll be able to spend creating new sounds and combis (I have a full-time dayjob, you know). I may be able to create 5 new sounds and 2 new combis in one month, but then maybe having no time in the next month.

I plan on trying to post my updated PCG once a month, but like I said: if there's nothing new, it wouldn't make much sense to post the latest PCG. Either way, I of course will keep you updated on the upcoming PCGs.

Why don't you just post single items, Synthesaurus?

I will post my complete, current PCG file in each update-post. I will NOT post single items like ONE sound or ONE combi, because of coherency. My combis often use preset sounds, as well as User sounds, as well as User arps, and User drum arp patterns. That means that if you load one of the combis, you will be needing all the other elements to be in the right place, else the combi won't work, or at least, will sound terribly, terribly wrong.

Also, some of my sounds and combis are in an unfinished state, and I plan on finishing them some time in the future. And, like with my Axel-F combi, I keep upgrading and improving existing programs and combis.

If you are only interested in the newest sounds, and don't care for combis and stuff, you can of course load them one by one, without loading the whole PCG. I made two videos showing how to load complete PCGs or just single items from  PCGs.

OK, what do I have to do, oh mighty Synthesaurus?

To get this constant flow of new sounds and combis for your Kross, you just have to do this: subscribe, aka "become a patron", and spend 1 dollar a month. You can of course cancel your subscription any time.

By subscribing, you not only get my latest PCG data. You will also have access to exclusive video and text tutorials, and other useful and interesting stuff about the Korg Kross and synths and music in general.

So, thanks for your attention, come again, and happy Krossing! :)

Oh, by the way: the attachment contains my latest PCG, with all sounds and combis and arps and stuff the Synthesaurus did until this very day! For free! Have fun!

And if you're not a fan of subscribing to things, you can get all my LATEST sounds (since September 2016) on the Synthesaurus bandcamp site.