I wanted to share with everyone that I have ordered a new drawing tablet to replace my old one! I'm pretty excited and can't wait to get started using it. My old tablet didn't have a screen so I would have to look at a monitor while drawing but with this one I'll be able to draw directly on the tablet. I hope it will speed up my drawing times and let me create even more art for all of you! This means my art will probably start being digital but it shouldn't lose any of it's feel and in fact I should be able to make larger maps!

I just want to say that I've been down for a while but not out. I will be back at creating maps very soon. You may know that my province is on fire right now and where I live is in the middle of it (like seriously dead center). While I'm not under evacuation my town is full of smoke and the threat is very real. All it would take is a lightening strike or the wind changing direction and I could have to leave right away. I think the stress has had an effect on me. I also had to have stuff packed up and ready to go in case things got out of hand. The weather is now cooling off and we're getting some rain. It looks like the fires might start slowing down. Some of them probably won't be out until the first snowfall unfortunately. The size and number of these fires is unprecedented in BC.

Also I want to thank everyone for joining me on this map making journey! I so appreciate all of your support. I hope with this new tablet I'll be able to create even more art for you all.  The tablet will be arriving sometime in early September (the downside of living in the Canadian wilderness is wildfires and slow postal service).