New Teacast! Justin Hamilton
I sat with friend and friend of the podcast Justin Hamilton over a long black and an English Breakfast. 

The itunes link is here 

Non- itunes listeners can catch it here  

We talked for a long time and spanned a number of topics, from the ups and downs of being a man in your forties, to the failings of commercial radio, the difficulties of saying what you like and why, and how to do violence against women properly - in fiction. 

I could say that figured I would make up for my short, rambling, jetlagged and incoherent solo podcast of last week by giving you a long one, but the reality is, we just had a good long rambling chat, and it was all interesting (at least to me). I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

Justin can be found at @justinhamilton_ on twitter

Alice is at @aliterative as ever.