New Teacast and Explaining the Delay to Teacast
New Teacast is up! With the excellent 

Matt Kirshen

 over sencha. What you do when you can't make tea, watching doctors watch babies eat little bits of egg, and why terrorism isn't THAT bad.…/podc…/tea-with-alice/id789603540…

So you may have noticed a glitch in the output of the Teacast/Blogs. This I apologise wholeheartedly for. My dad and brother, visiting Margaret Gibson, (my mum's mum) at her nursing home, realised that her condition was getting worse. They called me to let me know that she was getting very frail and was in a more pain than the nursing home's general care could properly manage and that they were talking to the doctor. She was moved up into palliative care in the last weeks that I was overseas in Edinburgh. She died a few days before I got home to Sydney. 

So in the last weeks, as well as filming The Resistance in Sydney, I was also doing those necessary funeral and family things and spending some important time feeling sad, instead of having difficult conversations and editing audio and chasing people down for the podcast. 

Then I went back to Melbourne for a few days, and then to the LA podcast festival, where I recorded a few podcasts, did fingerguns at a bunch of industry types, hung out and ate sushi with Stuart Goldsmith and Matt Kirshen, listened to a whole lot of good advice from cool panelists, laughed hugely at other people's comedy podcasts, was suddenly called to do some standup at the standup show and somehow made a brief Cameo as Todd Glass' mother on Todd Glass' brilliantly funny show. I also hope I made enough of an impression that they'll let me do a live Tea With Alice next year, fingers crossed. 

Please tweet them if you think that a live Teacast would be a good idea, though not having done a live Teacast before I'm not sure what it would look like. I think I would like to have the whole audience drinking tea, so we'll figure that out. 

Thanks everyone who's been lovely in the past few weeks. I hope to get back to regular scheduling ASAP.