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New test coloring page
Hey folks - I hope you’re enjoying my first coloring book, A is for Adventure !

I’m sure you’re happy to learn that I, of course, have a new coloring book in the works. In fact, this is my first test page for it! As time goes on, you’re going to see more and more from the book.

In the mean time, I'd like to see what you all do with this! Feel free to message me.

This post is one you get charged for, but as with my Tumblr posts, anyone can see and access this post. My Patrons over the $.50 mark will get to see the sketch work for this (in a separate post for free). 

I'm still feeling out how this Patreon thing is going to work, not just for me, but for you, too. I want to keep providing you the highest quality work I produce, but I don't want to hide it from you. I feel that true fans, people who love the work and use the things I produce will become Patrons, and will want to see some of the piles of background work I do to reach a finished piece.

The specific rewards may change up a little bit as I explore this new platform further, but I'll do my very best to make sure I'm always giving you more.

So enjoy, and pardon the mess while I sort things out around here :)