New Things!
Hello, lovelies. I wanted to let you in on what's upcoming and what will be changing moving forward. Lots of things are on the horizon, all of which I am immensely excited about. This New Moon is bringing much with it. 1. I will be releasing my website. This will be the place to get information on upcoming workshops, new channeled offerings, and eventually a store of herbal goodies. 2. I will begin doing energy readings for the main 4 phases of the moon: new, first quarter, full, and last quarter. These readings will be posted two days before each of the phases so you might employ the information ahead of time to prepare you for the fullness of power on the day of each phase. These readings will include what I receive in channel, as well as an associated Tarot or Oracle card. Look for the first reading coming on Wednesday of this week! Subscribers at the $1+ level will have access. 3. I will continue to do monthly channels, as well, as it tends to fit within the structure of our modern time. This will be in the same format, longer than the moon readings and with associated cards, minerals, elements, and plant allies. 4. I will be offering three spaces a week for donation-based personal channels. More information will be provided on the new website. 5. I will begin selling tea blends again. These will also be available for purchase on the new website. Some tinctures will be available too! That's all for now! Hope you have a lovely week, dear ones.