New This Week, and have a fun Bank Holiday!
Unless you're not from the UK, and then you don't know what a Bank Holiday is (probably?), and then, just have fun Monday. Eat a sandwich, they're fun.

This week we uploaded:

Missionary Opposition - You can get converts at the strangest of places. Like your doorstep.

Seasonal Forecast - Thundery showers developing during the afternoon, with sunny spells and showers in the northwest.

Also, Aviv uploaded another "London Boroughs as Pokemon" drawings, and the attached video is us playing City of Mist, which isn't a new thing, but it relates to the Start Set being released, which is a new thing. Actually as I'm writing this I realise it happened last week. Meh, shrug, carry on.

On a different matter, in a week or so I'm going to start a new D&D group, open to the public, in Leisure Games, every Wednesday evening. If you're interested in joining, especially if you've never played before, please say so in the comments!