***NEW TIER!!** 😱😱😱
Happy May, friends!! 

So recently I've been trying to brainstorm some new creative perks to offer you all here on Patreon, new members and old alike! So I decided it was time to give the $10 perk a face lift. 

Presenting the STUPEFY TIEEEEEER! 😱

This tier presents an awesome new physical perk- handmade felt pins!! As we all know- I love crafting, so I'm super excited to finally be integrating that love a little more directly with you beans (plus it's almost like we have club cards now. Except it's even better because they are fandom inspired pins. Eeeeep!) 

I ALSO plan on *trying* to post a tutorial on how to make the pins every month that will be Patreon exclusive! So if you get inspired and want to try to make a pin for your friend or more for yourself- you'll know exactly how!

Updates will be coming in the next couple of days about the first month's pin theme! I would loooooove suggestions in the comments below! 

If you're not yet a Patron- you have until the end of the month to get this month's pin! If your an existing Patron and you want to upgrade your pledge, you can also do that anytime before the end of the month to get in on it :) AND if you're already a $10+ Patron, YOU'RE ALREADY SIGNED UP TO GET ONE! Isn't life sweet??

As always, thank you all SO much for the support. In these crazy times of YouTube ad/restriction/general dumbness and chaos, I feel so lucky to have you all here with me  💓

Xx Kristen