New tier! Comic promotion!

The Main Sequence Star tier will gain patrons access to promote their comic at the end of each update of both of my comics!

The promo ad will be on the next public update for the comic. e.g. if you pledge on Saturday, your promo can start that Monday if all info is ready. After pledging, please send me a link to your comic. You can send me a banner (800px wide max, JPG) or I can make a Webtoon style one.

If you need assistance with making a banner, let me know! Just send me an illustration you'd like to use, your logo if you have one, and I can make it for you.

If your banner is of low quality (e.g. very pixelated), I might have to reject it. I'm happy to help make a banner for the promos!

Your promo will last for the entire month so it may be promoted up to 8 times! Depending on the number of updates that month.

Please keep in mind that while I do try to keep a consistent schedule, I may not be able to update each week of the pledge. If there is an extended hiatus for any reason, I will promote on my Facebook and Twitter instead.

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