New Tier coming next month...!
So this is something i've been planning the details for over the last few days and I'll be pleased to announce there will be a brand new tier being introduced next month for Patrons joining in March.  This new tier launch is in conjunction with the next Tamer reward charms; as I will be changing the theme to Mythical Creatures and will be drawing full body pieces with each character holding a certain item; the first will be a Werewolf holding a skull which is a shoutout to my favourite Patreon artist; Wolfskulljack. If you like werewolves and skulls, please please check her out , she's amazing. 

So moving back to this announcement, the new tier will be entitled the Master Tier, and will be available for $50 a month.

This uber special tier will be limited to 2 slots (subject to being increased depending on if I feel I can handle the workload required for the rewards) and will have the following special MONTHLY rewards;

- Acrylic charm keychain in the post every month, with free worldwide postage included
- An A4 print of the artwork used to make the Acrylic Charm
- A traditional inked piece of artwork; including colour if I have the colours available, or with greyscale shading/colouring. (I'm still building up a stockpile of copics)

This incredible tier basically combines both the Tamer and Champion tier, but with a bonus print of the artwork used to make the acrylic charm included in the package.

If you are interested in this reward please let me know and I can inform you when I get it launched live; which will happen early March.