New tier! Full 360 VR and 2D animation downloads!
Since the workstation I used to make my animations has kicked the bucket, I have a bit more time to update my Patreon! Plus, I need to save up for a new workstation and get animating again asap.

I've been getting a lot of requests from people who want to download full quality versions of my animations, and not a lot of people have VR yet so I decided to start posting them on here.

The full 360 VR videos will be 4k 60fps (some are stereoscopic)
The 2D videos are 1080p/60fps 80kbps mp4 files! They look absolutely stunning in full quality.

These are for personal use only, hence the watermark. For VJ's who want to use my loops, I'll be making a seperate website so you can just pick and choose whichever loops you want to buy without having to sign up for anything!

Anyways here's a free download to show exactly what you're signing up for :)
Thank you to all my supporters and everyone who donated to my gofundme, I should be back up and running again in no time!