New tier plus graphics!
Hello, everyone! I've added a new tier: the $25 Gold Tier! 

The Gold Tier offers a chibi commission every month and you get to suggest ideas for new content plus everything on lower tiers!

I've also added brand new graphics to the different tiers to show them off. A big, shiny diamond for Diamond Tier at $100, a gold star medal for the Gold Tier at $25, a silver hearts medal for the Silver Tier at $10, and a bronze smiley face medal for the Bronze Tier at $5. Unfortunately the $1 Cookie Tier doesn't get a medal, but it does get a yummy internet cookie for still wanting to offer support!

Regardless of the tier you choose, my thanks to you are still immense! Thank you to my patrons and thank you to my non-patrons for checking out my page!

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