Well I've been putting this off (whoops) but I think I feel okay with the tiers now?

Basically if you support the $1 tier or one of the dying tiers, you're not getting a say over what happens with your money. For everything $2+ you do, though! So how does it work exactly? Well..

Each $2 tier will represent a bounty that you're selecting to contribute to. You don't get your whole $2 into the pool every month, though because of server costs. (If you're pledging to a higher tier, you must tell me which bounty you want to contribute to. All of your pledge contributes to that weight.)

We spend $100 on the server per month, so what happens is that I take the total net income from the Patreon, subtract $100 from it to pay for the server, then the rest is divided based on how much is currently being pledged toward each bounty.

So, for example, say we make $140 in a month and both bounties have a pledge of $2. Then, each bounty receives $20 towards that goal, because it's split evenly in that case.

But, if it's that one bounty has a pledge of $6 and one has a pledge of $4, then the first receives 60% of that $40 ($24) while the other receives 40% ($16).

I know that sounds a little complex but I made a bunch of automation to handle it so no one has to worry about it. I will report the total current amount pledged toward a bounty after the pledges go through every month so we can all know the progress. Basically what this means though, if you want us to get the bounty done faster, you can pledge more!

If you want to accept a job for the current amount, please let me know! Otherwise I will be attempting to contact members of the community about it when I feel we've made enough to do so.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and please change your pledges from the dying tiers as soon as you can!

P.S. If you were pledging to a no credits tier I already have you down for not being credited. You can let me know if you want that changed, though.