New Tiers! and News
Patrons! And future patrons! I bring you two new tier levels. 

First, I have brought back the On-Line Adventurer tier level. Two times a month I'll run an on-line game. I'd like to get a handful of cool gamers who like to have fun and run around in tiny adventures and that wouldn't mind playtesting some of the adventures I'm working on.

Second, would you like to become a Keeper of Maps? At this tier you'll receive one of my original maps, framed, each month. The maps are randomly determined like any old school GM would do. 

A huge thanks to all my new patrons this month and old, crusty patrons who have improved their pledges. In the old, crusty patron corner we have Tony A. Thompson and Brian! And in the new, less crusty corner, we have Chris Humphries, Tony Tucker, Brandon Cole and Joe England! Thanks for the support, I've got a couple cool things in the hopper this month.

Stalker Island is in edits and Jim Magnusson did the cover art. It is fricking cool as hell. While buying original artwork is my next Patreon goal, I couldn't help myself. I plan on hiring Jim to do more work for the NPC and monster cards each month. I'll tease with the cover soon. Did I say it was cool? Yeah it is.

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