New tiers for a restructured Patreon (Action required!)
We are shifting our Patreon’s focus from drawing streams to patron-only posts of behind-the-scenes content. We have a bunch of ideas lined up, like an “Expressions Goldmine” series hand-picked by Veronica, a selection of thumbnails that show the process behind each chapter, and other production details! Posts like these will be the new focus of the Patreon, with a new $5 tier available for those who want access to them.

Those who have existing $2, $5 or $12 pledges should change them to the new ones soon.

Our bi-monthly streams will continue! However, as part of the restructure, these things will change:

  • There are no longer regular and special lotteries, just free-for-all and patron-only lotteries
  • Bittersweet Club International and this Patreon no longer have any overlapping benefits
  • The old $2 tier is being replaced with a “no rewards, just support” tier
  • The old $5 tier is being replaced with an $8 tier with access to both patron-only posts and ALL patron-only lotteries
  • The old $12 tier is being replaced with a $15 tier with access to patron-only posts and automatic entry in ALL patron-only lotteries

We’ve modernised the tiers using Patreon’s new system, so everything should make more sense when you update your pledge — which we hope you do!

Everybody in the $5 and $12 tiers have been grandfathered in at the old rates, for now. Those at the $2 tier will need to increase their pledge to keep getting rewards.

If you like the stuff we post or just want to offer that extra bit of support, we’d love to see you move over to the new tiers! We will remind you to do so in the future.

We hope you can come to the drawing stream tomorrow and enjoy the last stream run under the old system. In the meantime do check out the new tiers and change up your contribution based on the rewards you like the look of!

Thanks as always for your generous support — our Patreon campaign occasionally requires announcements like these, but it has become a regular source of income that means as much to us as any paycheck! 

We hope you enjoy the new posts we’re planning. As always, feel free to send us a message if you need anything. See you in the stream tomorrow!

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