New Tileset: Northcastle Trail REMIX
The satisfying crunch of fresh snow sails along on the mountain breeze, the only sound heard for miles. As the smell of fresh pine envelops you, you're greeted with a prime vista of Northcastle, bastion of snow and forest.

Let's trek through the woods once again to Northcastle!

Northcastle Trail Remix tileset preview >> 

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Hello everyone, and happy holidays!

I'm here today not only to deliver you a new tileset, but also to wish you glad tidings and fun times with friends and family this holiday season. You may remember last year's holiday card, where we were inside by the fire. This year we're out in the cold, but the majesty of nature surrounds us!

This tileset is kind of unusual. I've always loved the original Northcastle Trail tileset, but I was thinking I could improve it, so I decided to remix it for the holidays. I combined it with parts from the Medieval Village tileset, adding MUCH better terrain and a lovely moon to create a holiday scene closer to what I originally imagined.

You can grab this tileset from the download page! It requires 1 normal key to unlock. There's a 1920x1080 wallpaper included in the zip file.

Next up are some new videos, coming next week. I'm also really excited to show you what's new in Atmocopter! I've been working hard on it for the past month.

Thanks for your support, and happy holidays!