New Tileset: Kasakasa Desert (plus an announcement!)
Endless dunes dot the bleak landscape... There isn't a soul for miles. There seem to be more grains of sand in Kasakasa Desert than there are stars in the universe. Blistering heat during the day and freezing cold during the night take many an unprepared traveler to their graves.

Let's traverse the dusty dunes of Kasakasa Desert! There are 4 different styles, so here are some GIFs to show them all off. (Direct links to GIFs included below each one.)

(GIF link) 

The background is designed to work with parallax scrolling. Check this out:

(GIF link) 

(GIF link) 

Here's a larger GIF showcasing the heat waves on the sun. Link only, because it's large: (GIF link) 

Now that I've got your attention with those awesome GIFs, I have an announcement to make! As you might recall, last year I switched up the Patreon rewards and added two types of keys that unlock different assets. The new system was that normal keys unlock certain assets, and star keys unlock bigger and better assets.

I like the way this system has allowed me to make more polished tilesets, but I always felt a little bad that my patrons effectively got split into two groups- those with star keys, and those without. So today I'd like to announce a new feature: Key fusion!

When you log in to your account at, there's a new button underneath your keys.

Click it, and the following menu appears...

And voila! You can now fuse 2 normal keys into 1 star key.

Now everyone can get in on the fun of star key tilesets and asset packs! :D

On to the tileset details. The special request for this tileset (by the ever-wonderful Dwapook) was a desert tileset with an oasis, plus a frozen over night version with snow. I had always wanted to do a desert tileset, so I couldn't just stop there! I did two additional styles, for a total of four: "Day style," with a bright blue sky. "Hot style," with a blazing sun that could work for either sunrise or sunset. "Night style," with stars shining in the dark sky. Finally, "frozen style," with snow on the ground, the oasis frozen over, and icicles on the palm trees.

You can grab this tileset from the download page! It requires 1 Star Key to unlock. There are EIGHT 1920x1080 wallpapers included in the zip file, and the Speed Spriting video is coming this weekend!

Thanks for your support, and be awesome! Next up is a devlog video featuring all the swanky new upgrades to Atmocopter.