New toys!
Look at what I received in the mail today! If you haven't seen them before they are the body-kun and body-chan posable figures! I'm very excited to see what I can do with these. Aren't they cool?
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month
This is a great and easy way to start supporting my artwork. With this you'll be able to receive sneak peaks at my work in progress images as I post them on Patreon. These works include general illustrations, sketches, and to be released collections!
A Note From the Artist
$5 or more per month
The beginning of each month you will receive a handwritten postcard letter. The front will have artwork that will also be provided as other print options via a special link a month before everyone else!
Ultimate Sneak Peek
$10 or more per month
If your donation matches this tier you'll have access to all previews both illustrious as well as my comics. At this tier you'll also receive the letter from the artist reward of a postcard each month. As of 8/25/2018 you'll also receive digital copies of artwork large enough to be desktop backdrops. Thank you for your support!
Easy Reader
$20 or more per month
The easy reader is for those who would like to collect my books in a physical format casually. Patrons at this tier will have access to page and character previews and will receive upcoming issues before I officially release them publicly! 

(Note: This may not include compilation volumes in the future) 

The Collector
$75 or more per month
As the amazing completionist that you are by joining this tier grants a single copy of each comic that is released. No matter the arc. No matter when you start. When copies are released you will be sent a signed and numbered issue along with a goody box that may include (but is not limited to) small prints, stickers, and book marks!

(Note: This does not include compilation volumes in the future)

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