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New track coming up: "4:40am"
I've spent a lot of time on FM lately, and I've felt a strong urge to get back to my PSG roots. Granted, once it is operational, my synthesizer will enable me to do that a great deal, but right now I just need to churn out a ditty in my native composing environment.

Coming shortly is a PSG track that I've been working on for awhile. I've spent time on it primarily in the wee hours of the morning, in fact, hence the title. In an interesting twist, it's somewhat inspired BY my FM work, where I'm trying to take what I've learned while working on, say, Genesis of Consequence (that is, the Where's My Mommy? soundtrack) and apply it to music on older systems. I really hope you'll enjoy it, and I'll talk more about it when it goes live.

Taking a quick moment to talk about previous works that should be out by now...

"What does the DOS say?" has turned into an absolutely crazy new thing. What began as simply a DOS/PC Speaker tune is now a PC Speaker, Tandy/PCjr 3-voice, and Adlib love letter to old PCs. I am absolutely positive you will love it, and I am just spending a lot of time getting everything together in one video. I want this to be perfect, and I want the video and audio to drop at the same time. 

The song before that is something I still have to keep hush about while I figure out what I'm allowed to say, if anything. I take it very seriously so I just don't want to misstep during the process.

Stay tuned also for synthesizer updates, and talk to you soon!