New track & video coming soon!

Pictured above is the soft-synth "Cameleon" made by the now defunct Camel Audio. (Camel Audio was bought in 2015 by Apple, and their most famous synth "Alchemy" is now only available in Logic). Cubase won't recognize Alchemy anymore for some reason - so I was delighted when I re-found this gem in my old hard drive. Nerdy fun is the 'randomize' button found on the morph, easy and effects screens. As you can see you can load 4 different wav files to make complex sounds.  Currently I'm working on a piece for "Treadmill Music" that is also based on a composition by Stephen Heller (who composed "The Brook"). Also in the works and coming in the next week or two is a video for "The Brook" which will be similar to the video for "Do You Wanna Dance " - only this time fine art photography will be used.  

Thanks for visiting! - Kenny