New Tutorial Video Content
I am in the process of posting guides and tutorials for World Difficulty. The first of which was created this morning and can be found on my YouTube channel.

I am going through the laundry list of complaints compiled over the past year and addressing each directly.  

Today of course, the most complained about encounter; Skeletons.

I ran head first (like a new adopter of World Difficulty would) into a pack of Skeletons in the Everfall's first scouting mission. 

Of course, they utterly destroyed me. I died, on camera. I then reloaded.

I bolted back as quickly as I could, upon arriving to the first Skeleton room I did one thing differently. I used One, of each Periapt; Strength and Defense.

I then commenced to dispensing ass shatter upon them. After I came down on them like the wrath of god, I stood over their broken bones with hardly a scratch in my armour.

This exchange took 5 minutes from the start of the video to the end.

I needed to quickly prove what I have been saying since this project started. Which is, "The game provides you tools, I provide you reasons to use them."

I hope you'll enjoy the video. If you think this is a good format, I will persist making short to the point tutorials.

In the video I am using the β-Version of the Companion Module which is currently unreleased. It's effects are explained below.

This version of the Companion Module combines the use of 4 Periapts into the use of 1; This simply conserves bag space, weight and brevity for video content. The same effect can be achieved identically by using 4 Periapts in the Vanilla game.  (Or of course by using the Companion module)

The caveat for the current release version of the Companion Module is the use of the Angel's Periapt, as it has a special effect that differs from the Vanilla game. However the effect as shown in the video can be reproduced by using just the Vanilla assets.

The use of the release version of the Companion Module does as intended and will change your play to being something more dynamic and reactionary.

The overwrite effect is disabled, further use of Periapts will only overwrite the current effect with a new one as these effects will no longer stack;

If using any version of the Companion Module, including the one on display in this video.

- Corrinne Lefein Noël