New tutorial is up! And some more goodies and news
Hi guys, the

gigantic new tutorial is up for all $5 Patrons

! Check it out!

This month, all $5+ Patrons will ALSO receive a test page of a new reward, which you can find a preview of here!.

One thing I really love about teaching is the assessment phase, where you can see if your students actually understood the content. You'll notice that most of my tutorials follow a style that asks the viewer questions as they progress through the material... one thing I've always felt bad about is that there's not a great way for me to test if readers can make the leap to the next phase, which is creatively integrating the material into their own process in a way that works for them. The tutorial follow up will hopefully give interested parties a way to really test themselves and gain a deeper understanding than just a wall of explanatory images and text can provide.

This follow up material will become its own limited tier next month, with opportunity for 1:1 Q&A interaction, but I'd like to give all of you awesome $5+ folks a chance to try it out first.

Additionally, I'm going to start phasing out some of my commission tiers starting this month, as my workload + tutorials is getting to be too high for me to practically handle. I'll email folks ahead of time to let them know I'll be cancelling those tiers soon; that way they can change their pledges before the 1st of June. If you are currently a commission recipient I'll be getting your work to you by the end of the month like usual, so no worries there~ If you really badly need a commission from me you can still PM me and we can talk if I have any time available (but, not at the moment).

Last, I switched to the pay-up-front model this week, which will affect current patrons not at all. New Patrons will simply pay first before being able to access content, but nothing else should change for anyone else~ More info for current and new Patrons on this subject here.

Well back to work... again, everyone who bought a commission from me for this month will be receiving it soon. Thanks again for your support and I hope you enjoy the new teaching content!