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For this round I'm taking a closer look at the family of weaving stitches. During the research of this incredible exotic embroidery stitch family I found a lot of interesting stuff which I will share with you soon after publishing the stitches.

Needle weaving is not so much a discipline in embroidery that is widely known, but the effects you can achieve with incorporating weave stitches are stunning.

Btw: In the back of this picture you can see my embroidery stitch file "system". During the process of research this was my way to get a grip on the massive amount of different stitches. I have a flash card for every stitch I find with pretty much all of the information I present on the lexicon plus some handscribbled notes. I love to put thing together manually rather than a printed version for myself. It makes it much more real and you can physically see how many stitches there are.

Before each set of tutorials I get the cards out and check off every stitch card, that has been published as a tutorial. What can I say? I like working with my hands too much to use them for writing on the computer only.