New upcoming ARK map "Amissa" and news about "The Volcano"
Hello guys,

as promised here some news about my upcoming new ARK map. First of i got a final name, well as you can read in the titel. The map is called "Amissa" which means just "Lost". Further the work on the new map goes well so far. The jungle biome is almot done and i've started the desert biome, also the wyvern trench is done and half of the Redwoods. There is still alot to do and and to test, but with the work on "The Volcano" i've lerned a lot and the new map will benefit for that.

Speaking of testing, my idea is to release the map far over 50% done, i know it's a long way but i think it's the best for a map. That means with the release of the map all biomes are done, all dinos will be in incl. custom, also most of the caves and underwater areas. As i said speaking of testing, i will start a closed map testing August - September 2017 but only available to "Prof. Patreon". As soon the test is available you will have access to a closed map test build as long you're a "Prof. Patreon". You also can be part of the developent process by giving suggestions for the new map.

Some new screenshot at the bottom.

Now some words about "The Volcano". Right now i've lost about 1500 subsribers, which i'm a bit sad about, but it's a normal process. I'm releasing map update 2.7 way earlier because of 2 major bug which needs to be fixed. That's why the new desert area might not be finished as i want it, because of the early release of the update. After update 2.7 i will continue working on The Volcano as well, to add the still missing Tek/ Ascension  Cave and underwater/ocean details. They will be added with update 2.8 but i don't have a ETA for that yet.

That's all from me for now, if you have questions please don't hesitate and ask.


Mike aka Sicco0803