A new update in my book on self-publishing
Things in self-publishing change and they change fast. I published How to Self-Publish Your Book: The Fast, Free & Easy Way in December last year, and now, less than three months later, I already had to make the first update. That's how fast things change.

For those who have the book, what's new is that Amazon KDP now offers print proof and author's copies. This, in short, means that authors can now finally order their books at a lower price and do not need to pay themselves royalties when they order their own books.

I now included this update in my book so all those who will buy it in the future will receive the updated version. I have to say that while doing this, I actually had to use the book myself to remind me of certain technical aspects of self-publishing. 

The thing is, when you don't self-publish every single day, it's so very easy to forget how something has to be done. It makes me so glad that I wrote it because I myself need it whenever I self-publish or publish an update, and that alone makes it well worth the effort. 

Helping others as well by offering it to the public (at the lowest price, so that it's really affordable) only makes it better.