New update is here - VT 0.06
Hello everyone!

Before we start, I wont say thank you for every one who support my project. No matter who you do it, anyway it important for me.

Here is the new update for VirginTown. Current version is 0.06b. This update is entirely devoted to Betty! This time update is big, because i had more time to development this, so size like 2 month update, like I made before. 

For you will be available two route. so be careful with what you do. For this moment naughty content available only for one of them. 

This time save from previos version should work fine, because i spesially not updated Journal. This is the main thing why save files from previos versions worked incorrectly.


  • Added few new location
  • More then 150 new images
  • Three animations, one of them is bonus.
  • Bonus scene with Anna now available for everyone
  • Some cosmetic profs with icons, work still in progress.
  • Fixes some bugs.
  • Images for Androd version was compressed for better work and lower size.


  • Game core changed on more stable. This must solve problem then game not start, work slowly or game craches.
  • For Android the mechanics of locking the locks is removed because it does not work on the touchscreen and block Madame route.

VT 0.06

For Adept level ($25)- here  

For Senior Aprintic ($15) - here  

For Aprintice ($10) - here