New update on Level 3 -MAX
Hi All,

I am updating Patreon price on Level 3 from $15 down to $10.  The content you will get will be very much the same.  I am reducing the price because since I became an art director at the Monk Studio in Bangkok I will have less time to do more frequent content.  But the amount and the quality of the content will remains.

If you are on the previous LEVEL 3, you will have to pledge again on this new $10 level 3.  Patreon does not allow me to edit the price on the existing tier for good reason.  So I have to delete the old Level 3 Tier totally to create a new Level 3 tier with new price.

Thank you so much for all your support over the years.

I will keep doing tutorial and video forever, I hope. 

Best wishes,

Xia Taptara