New Update - v0.72
Hey all. 

The wait is over.

What's new?

Game is optimized better, bringing file size down pretty significantly. This has to be made cause of HTML and ANDROID versions. Art quality isn't affected by this.

As for the gameplay, there are many quality of life improvements, new locations, new animations and art assets.

You can fuck chicks in the car, change tattoos and piercings, have custom hair colors and more.

There are new ambient sounds in most of the locations. 

I'm animating in the game engine which isn't really the best animating program, so animating Gangbangs takes a lot of time. Too many bodies. If you feel like i missed some positions send me a msg or comment below and I'll include them in the next version.

There's also a new unique girl. You can find her at the hotel lobby and go from there. She's a little different than others. You can't recruit her, but she'll unlock some new locations for you. Jewelry shop is in the game other places are coming soon.

To unlock tattoo parlor & beauty salon you have to advance with Alice(beach) and Carmen(hotel maid).

Sadly photo studio didn't make it in. It will be a priority for the next update. I want to make it good with more options than just taking pics. 

I would love to keep making new stuff but I can't just code forever. Here and there I have to release something :)

We also reached the new goal, so thank you all for that. I can fully focus on the game now. I really appreciate your support.

As always please report bugs here in the comments or send me a private msg.

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