New version of the video game!
This is version 1.1

This version has:


-8 new terrain types: mud, snow, sand, tall grass, large forest and large grove

-you are now stopped from shooting through more than 12 "cubits" of swamp, 18 of cactus or forest, or 24 of tall grass or grove

-you are now not given the choice to duck if there is no cover to duck behind

-you may now hit the dirt to avoid gunfire during a charge, canceling the charge

-constrained the pictures of the guys you click on by "job", with a view to implementing sergeants etc soon


-added animation reactions to being attacked, rallying or ditching a charge

-your individual soldier window now responds with an animation if they individually are celebrating or charge

-refined the animations for charging

-changed "vaporized!" to either "ventilated!" "sliced to ribbons!" or "blown to bits!". Real vaporizing comes next :)

-added a random seed to the charge and flee sounds, trying to make them sound better. 

-changed all charge range, flee range and all move points messages to reference "cubits" instead of pixels or points


-highlighted the messages of what keys to press next and move cubits remaining in black

-added a toggle to hide the internal math "dice" and the sounds they make

-got rid of extraneous glow during combat

-got rid of alert messages carrying over into next player's turn

-you do not hear how many soldiers can throw grenades if you are already in combat

-fixed some displays being the wrong color

-got rid of numerous extraneous messages

-got rid of message telling you to move when you have run out of move points

-cleaned up between-game displays


-fixed the spinning dead guys and squared off swords

-fixed sprite flipping from 4 different things happening

-fixed the problem of soldiers still attacking after everyone is dead

-fixed erroneous re-entering combat while consolidating

-added a control for "looseness" in the pathing AI 

-fixed grenades causing charge to find the wrong range

-fixed some running away issues

-added animation layers to fix some animation bugs

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