CC Available!

It's finally ready, the vlog of the #chibianimefest2018 that took place at the expo forum at #Hermosillo #Sonora. Kike's Cosplay, Namitsuki, Sora.to.cosplay, Flaiveth Cosplay, Silja's Costumes, Valeriia Akiyama Cosplay and Brenditz were also guests cosplayers, I miss them so much! T. T

Congratulations to Tay Heavengreen stuff and Pedro for winning cosplay performance, they're going to World Cosplay Summit Stage Mexico!!

It was a wonderful experience, thanks you Bakumatsu no Anime for making this possible and for your great hospitality and attention, it was a pleasure to be with you at #caf2018.

Thank you tay heavengreen stuff for allowing me to take a piece of her video in minute 5:53 :)

Hey guy's we're at 655 subs, I'll work on 50 things about me as soon we hit 1,000 subs, I know we can make it so please subscribe! Thank you!

Thanks again Luis Hiram Castaรฑeda for the photo! Used it for youtube's thumbnail.