New video!
My first Patreon supported video!  An arrangement of Battle with Magus from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack.  I will also be emailing out the rewards (for this video they are a transcription of the drum solo and drumless tracks) to those that pledged at those levels.  Thanks for your support!
Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per video
3 patrons
Every little bit helps!  
This gains you access to the Patreon only feed, where I will be releasing behind the scenes pictures and video clips as well as early updates on future projects.
Pledge $3 or more per video
4 patrons
All the extras! This level will give you access to all additional content that will come with each video (drum transcriptions, audio production tutorials, additional drum tutorials breaking the parts on my tracks, etc.) 
+All previous rewards
Pledge $5 or more per video
4 patrons
Drumless tracks - For each track that I put out, I will also send you the drumless version so that you can play along.
+All previous rewards
Pledge $10 or more per video
1 patron
Monthly Video Chat - Access to a live video Q&A each month with other supporters at this level - You will have the chance to ask me questions about anything - drums, composition, audio production, what's my favorite breakfast cereal, etc.
+All previous rewards
Pledge $40 or more per video
0 patrons
Skype Lesson
An hour long, one on one Skype lesson that you get after each video that I release - We can talk about things that were either played/discussed in each video, we can talk music production, or you choose what we work on!
+All previous rewards
Pledge $75 or more per video
0 patrons
Wowzerz. Thanks!!
At this level I'll give you access to a special webpage that I will keep updated often with early versions of new songs that I am working on, unreleased material, demos, and other cool stuff.  
+All previous rewards
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